Peacock Alley was established 21 years ago in Baggott Street, Dublin, Ireland by Michelin star chef Conrad Gallagher. It is making its come back in a different setting and new era, St Francis Bay Eastern Cape, opening in December 2023. It will be a fine dining tasting menu only restaurant that will open from December to April each year offering a selection of tasting menus changing daily. In its new luxury purpose built setting it promises to offer a unique dining experience for the discerning food and wine lover.

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Peacock Alley will be supported with its own 30 hectare farm and raise its own beef, lamb, poultry and game, with its own organic vegetable, exotic herb garden and using the finest food products available in South Africa the menu will be unique, original and well balanced. All of the dishes of season 1 will be featured in the new Peacock Alley cookbook. With approx 11,000 bottles of wine from some of the countries most exclusive wine farms, one of the countries best wines lists will be on show. We will also be offering accommodation in a country house setting for up to 18 guests.

Michael Bateman, Independent On Sunday

“Of all the new stars that have risen in Ireland, none shines quite so brightly as Conrad Gallagher”

Miles McWeeney

“The new High King of Irish cuisine”

Canada Post

“Definitely in my top five of all time…the sort of food that explains why a certain chef, in this case Conrad Gallagher, has Michelin Stars!”

Pat Leahy, The Sunday Business Post

“The guinea fowl was perfect, the squab pigeon was tender and subtle and the truffle potato was the best I’d ever tasted…What Conrad does well, few do better”

Metro Life

“Main courses- oh the main courses…the duck- a dish to obsess and fantasize about. The massively ambitious menu is …flawlessly realised”

Eating Out, Financial Times Weekend Magazine

“Conrad’s fanfare of ingredients will make your head spin. The food was the culinary equivalent of full exhibitionist sex with a first date, who then does your laundry…!”

Marion McGilvary, Eating Out, FT Weekend Magazine

“Three hours of “Exultate Jubilate” with the pudding the “Hallelujah Chorus” all played with hardly a false note!”

Chris Campbell, Dining Guide

“Mouth watering…fantastic…Give it a try you won’t be able to keep quiet about Conrad Gallagher for long!”

The Guardian Food

“Irish born chef Conrad Gallagher combines clear flavours with genuinely innovative ideas which…work beautifully”

John McKenna, The Irish Times

“Each dish represents a torrent of ideas and a welter of work. Each course is an exhilarating excursion through flavours, an intense reworking of our expectations of what cooking is about. Most chefs gravitate towards a fundamental simplicity in food but, in comparison, Conrad Gallagher is simply on another planet.”

Tom Doorley

“Conrad Gallagher’s food is very much about assaulting your taste buds from every angle, full of wacky combinations, constant inventiveness and utter confidence.  If you don’t like it, you don’t have to eat there. As    for me, I think he’s a national treasure.”

Andrew Lloyd Webber

“I don’t remember such an impressive meal in a brand new restaurant since the early days of Gordon Ramsey…in New York you wouldn’t get near or buy the place!”

John McKenna, The Irish Times

“His food is a theatre, as Grand Gignol, an allegory for intellectual complexity and richness…Thrilling. Outrageous. Unique.”

The Bridgestone 100 Best Restaurants of Ireland

“No one else cooks like Conrad Gallagher, because no one else can cook like Conrad Gallagher.”

Jeremy Wayne, The Guardian

“Conrad Gallagher…the best restaurant opening of the summer!”

Square Meal

“Hats off to Conrad Gallagher!”

Hot Magazine

“Rich…wonderfully fresh…a delight…the food and service was amazing!”

Irish Food Board

“He has a dazzling talent not only as cook, but as restaurateur, showman, entertainer and businessman.”


Tel: +27 41 492 2728

Cel: +27 74 470 1258

Email: info@peacockalley.co.za

Address: St. Francis Bay, Eastern Cape, South Africa

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